Pure Light

You cast the dragon down to earth,
So man, on earth, can look up to heaven and witness pure light.

The dragon fell into the abyss of matter.
There in darkness, pure light of redemption reaches it not,
For from above, in humanity, divine light becomes lost.

Depths of the abyss attract man more than heights of heaven.
He looks down rather than up.
Stepping into darkness, he forgets pure light.

The dragon lures man deeper into its abyss.
In darkness of materialism, man falls asleep.
In endless dreams, he builds up materialistic wonders!

When death comes, it blows man into dust.
The meaning of his existence; Who he is, and Why on earth;
Are all lost, with the light, in his wild dreams.

Humanity! Are you waking up?
From the heights, Michael’s light casts its glimmer into abyss’s depths,
Seeking those souls who have awakened.

In following this dim light, man must find his own light!
Brightly, that new heavenly light will shine forth from the furthest depths!
Heaven on earth, humanity must become!

With his divine light, man will then penetrate the dragon!
Redeem it and transcend materialism!
Human beings! May you find your light!

T.H. (with edit suggestions from brothers)
For Michaelmas 2016

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